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If you’re looking for Creative Data, Social Good and Impact: Ability, then you’ve come to the right place.

And it all starts with the existing channel circuits. The first thing you do is pour a large cup of coffee because this is a high demanding process, which won’t end in one or two weeks. Think of years.

Afterwards, you extract the key benefits of the channels you’d like to work with, which serve your goals best and start creating synergies between them.

A synergy needs a context to live in (social/economical/political & so on).

Placed into the right context (highly important aspect), they create what I like to call atomic relevance, while traveling from one channel to another.

The result is a digital signal that succeeds to connect with the target audience.


The impact generates creative data.

To be noticed that the target audience determines / is an intrinsic part of the context.

Just like on the Richter scale, the impact can have several levels of response, depending on the signal power, from low to high frequency.

The low frequency impact is usually measured by pre-determined analytics (you’ve all used Facebook Insights, Social Bakers or the new PRO Facebrands).

On the other hand, the high frequency impact (or how I like to call it – Impact:Ability) is a continuously shift of perception from pure data to creative information.

This is Information Intelligence.

What happened with the 2.0 ecosystems (one channel is the center of the cloud and connects the others, whether they are paid, owned or earned medias) is that they were first projected for low frequency impact.

The true understanding of the high frequency impact came with the birth of the 3.0 ecosystems, which were a direct response to the context’s needs.

Therefore, it’s not wrong to say that the 3.0 ecosystems are actually branded service clouds developed within specific contexts.

So, what we have now is this perception shift from cold metrics (the low frequency “ROI”) to this macro-trend that has been pampering the digital landscape for a while now: brands in the service of people that apply the Information Intelligence in their process development.

It’s all about the Time of Service”, a dear speaker of mine would say, and by that I mean Dietmar Dahmen.

And in the Time of Service, there aren’t any brand products anymore, but brand services.

The major win for brands, in this evolutionary landscape context, is that “they can now create products that communicate and stop communicating products” (Fernando Vega Olmos, Cannes 2013)

Before ending this article, let me showcase you the pure example of Nike. For several years now, Nike is no longer about sport shoes. The shoes are just another service of the brand, and just a small part of the elements of the 3D ecosystem cloud (the hand bracelet being their ultimate released service).

Article written by  

Andreea Strachina

Digital Creative @ Kaleidoscope Proximity Romania

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