Over 40,000 good words used within a Facebook app for Pate Bucegi

Digital & Media

A Facebook app launched in June and that recently went offline managed to gather over 40,000 good words, with 4,222 users entering the app to plant a virtual tree and take care of it with good words.

Most of app’s users were from Bucharest, Sibiu and Iasi. Also, there were planted 2,000 trees within the app.

With this app, we wanted to raise awareness over the importance of using polite wording, as part of the campaign Bucegi launched this summer. It seems the users were happy to plant and grow their own virtual tree using good words. This shows us how open they are towards basic values such as common sense, hospitality or family

Ana Burloiu,

Brand Manager Bucegi.

Online between June 26th-July 17th, the app lasted 4 weeks ad had 4 levels, each level offering prizes to be give following a draw. The big prize was a trip for 2 to Sibiu.