IPG Mediabrands launches Cadreon in Denmark, in order to service more European markets

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IPG Mediabrands, Interpublic Group’s media division, announced the launch, in Denmark, of Cadreon services, of programatic buying, in order to serve as a central hub for Nordic countries and key European markets.

The launch is part of the expansion strategy of Cadreon programatic buying in Europe, started in UK in 2011 and that included markets such as Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Italy.

Cadreon’s digital performance specialized platform integrates tech, info and the available advertising space to target audiences in real time. Operating as an independent media buyer, Cadreon will collaborate with more DSP (demand side platform) partners both locally and internationally, maximizing, this way, the impact and efficiency for communications like digital display, online video and mobile platforms.

Cadreon has the advantage of being focused on delivering client’s business results by an unique integration of the information and human expertize. Cadreon’s mission is to find the right audience at the right time, which brought even further by TotalTag, a technology owned exclusively by Mediabrands that allows collecting data and extensive analysis of the audiences, optimizing the campaigns permanently. The integration of all capabilities, made in the proper way, allows significant improvements for the clients.

Since the introduction of Cadreon in Europe 2 years ago, hundreds of clients benefited by the competitive advantage of our services and by the clear contribution in campaigns’ results. Once with the launch of the new hub in Denmark, we are consolidating resources and offer services for an even larger group of European markets, such as Nordics, CEE and MENA

Gilad Coppersmith,

Director Mediabrands Audience Platform for international markets

Cadreon is one of the most important specialized services offered by Mediabrands Audience Platform, along with optimization specialized company Search Reprise Media, social media specialist Spring Creek and mobile networks communication specialist Ansible.

Cadreon will also be integrated in UM Romania’s services portfolio. UM Romania, division of the international network IPG Mediabrands, is one of the biggest media agencie in romani in terms of turnover and offers a complete spectrum of media servivces, with strategic and creative solutions, customized and complex.