Skol beer makes a promotional campaign in Romania


Skol¬†launched¬†a national promotion in Romania, under the slogan “The 100% beer gives you real prizes”. During the promotion organized by the beer brand belonging to URBB (United Romanian Breweries Bereprod), Skol introduces a special way to give the prizes, with them being inside 2L beer PETs.

Between July 08 – September 8th, Skol rewards ist consumers with prizes consisting in 10 Dacia Logan Laureate cars and 75,000 real RON 5, 10 and 50 bills. The bills are placed under the lid of the bottle and are instantly in the winners’ possession.

skol printscreen 2

Simple and attractive, with no draw, the unique mechanism to award the prizes, just one lid away, is an innovation for the Romanian beer market

Recently, Skol dropped maize and entered the league of beers that respect completely the traditional recipe, a change that brings multiple competitive advantages in its market segment. Once with the new formula, that offers to the consumer the taste of real beer, Skol 100% malt also offers him real prizes, via a mechanism unique on the market and specific to the brand

Roccos Cosmatos,

VP Marketing URBB


The national promotion runs under the umbrella of the image campaign “100% malt”, that underlined recently, under the slogan “It can’t get more beer than that”, the launch of Skol 100%

The national promotion is communicated via ATL and in store.