Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations finished its rebranding process

Branding, Business, PR

Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations announced the end of its rebranding process and the introduction of a positioning that introduces a new vision over PR.

This rebranding comes after, in the start of July, Rogalski Grigoriu PR announced a switch in shareholders structure and the start of a rebranding process.

The agency aims to introduce into the current PR practice and language the concept of “good advocacy”, which means a militant, honest and creative communication, able to generate valuable content and positive results for companies and consumers.

The mission of the agency is to create positive economic and social impact via ideas that inspire change in better. In the same time, Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations launches a challenge to show it is possible that, through communication, the entire community to evolve, in a period when consumers have higher and higher expectations from brands, companies and leaders.

In implementing and supporting “good advocacy” concept, the agency will use own instruments, among which “T.O.P.I.C” (research and analysis of trends, opinions, perceptions, influences and public convictions), “Reputation Audit’ and “Influence score of opinion leaders”.

Under the new vision, the agency will divide in 2 areas of activity:

  • consumer PR, coordinated by Alina Damaschin as Creative Leader
  • corporate PR, coordinated by Eliza Rogalski as Strategy Leader.

The new visual identity reuses elements from the old logo: the ladder – symbol of curiosity and raising up in a disciplined way – leaning on a cloud, symbol of creativity, ideas and overview image. The colors in the new logo show a continuity with the tradition of agency’s 6 years of activity, with violet – symbol of energy and inspiration, and the vision over the future – combined with aquamarine, a color added to how transparency and dialogue.

The agency will continue to focus on communication projects with positive social impact and will diversify the portfolio of services by the end of the year.