New General Manager for Kandia Dulce


Starting September, Kandia Dulce (that has in portfolio brands such as Rom, Magura, Primola, Kandia or Laura) will have a new General Manager, Mihai Georgescu, previously General Manager Wrigley for Romania and Balkans.

Mihai Georgescu

Georgescu started his career on FMCG market in 1990 and worked for Wrigley since 1992, being in charge with Balkans region (that covers Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and others). Also, for a few years, he handled Wrigley’s business also in Poland.

Before taking over the position at Kandia Dulce, Georgescu was vice-president Grivco.

From January until now, a period of time during which Kandia Dulce underwent a series of organizational changes, the company was headed by Gerald Neumair, president of the Management Board, which was also General Manager ad interim.