Stella Fridays to conquer Romania


Romanian advertising agency Lowe&Partners starts, in the end of August, a series of events that run under the umbrella “Stella friday”, a concept that will reach to the consumers in the most important Romanian towns.

“Stella Artois  pouring ritual” is a global concept adapted by Lowe&Partners and will reach to Timisoara, Cluj, Brasov, Constanta, Ploiesti and Iasi, aiming to help people relax after work.

Stella Artois team will talk to people about the 9 stages of correctly pouring a beer and will invite them to enter the mobile bar an relax in the end of the day.

Initially, “Stella Artois pouring ritual” was just an activation in Bucharest, name Stella Friday; the success the activation had determine its transformation into a national campaign.

Ritual Stella