Romanian Next Advertising fights against mediocrity, in the newest campaign for Biz Days

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The newest campaign for Biz Days  (a Romanian Biz Magazine event),  signed by Next Advertising, chose to fight against mediocrity in Romanian business environment by promoting messages such as “I want to be the strong-ish”, “At least to be on 2nd place” or “You’re pure and simple OK-ish” that aim to bring to life Romanian business people.

Next Advertising partners for the 3rd year in the row with Biz Days, one of the main business events in Romania. During previous years, the ads “You are not in target” and “How the people actually perceive communication” enjoyed a real success. The newest campaign comes to underline the lull state the business community is in and aims to guide the audience to have goals, to drop the attitude of abandoning at the first hostile signs and not to settle for little

The campaign came on the brief of a commercial client that, eventually, chose something else and, for 6 years, I keep trying, with no success, to sell it to other clients. This year, when I was preparing to argument to Marta from Biz that “Best of the Best” isn’t quite the most stimulative message for creation, I remember this idea, that was exactly on the brief. Biz team had a lot of fun when I sent it to them and I’ve cut another idea from the list with the ones I would’ve wanted produced. I like very much the approaches based on insights, that send sincere messages, with no braggings

 Liviu David,

 Creative Director Next Advertising.

Biz Days is one of the most important business events in Romania and, this year, takes place on November 11-15.

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