A Day: Part-time freak, full-time copy

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

The power of being well-organized – the 8th world wonder! In the absence of a coercive apparatus, one will always find a way to arrange his thoughts throughout mental squares, put his desires in imaginative drawers and write his aspirations on a colorful board.

Even the sloppiest individual can find an immense satisfaction in having a clean house, his clothes arranged by fabric and his favorite socks put into separate drawers. As a paradox, the effort met in house-cleaning is as fulfilling as throwing yourself on a huge Fat Boy bean bag after a whole day of compulsory thinking.

Who is the copy of them wall?

It may seem farfetched, yet that’s exactly what a copywriter does. In the universe of ideas tied on a knot of concepts, mechanisms, research and strategy, a copywriter will always flirt with chaos and find an unused drawer for his favorite pair of socks.

Habemus the Control Freaks department!, could cry the manager: that handful of creative people, thrown into the attic, head banging their hairdos on psychedelic music and continuously digging for a good ol’ fashioned mess to help them create. Because, as a wise man once said, external constraints are those that help you reach your inner freedom.

Rise and shine, you crazy child!

In the vortex of thoughts and noisy dreams, a morning hater such as myself will always wake up staring at his Facebook feed, wash his teeth while checking his e-mail and tie his shoelaces after some trolling on Instagram.

On his way to work, a copy like me will read Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s last book, listen to Tartini’s Devil Trill on repeat and smile to all his colleagues. Even when the bass hits the fan, the copywriters are the friendliest colleagues you would dream of.

Throw your rocks into the wild.

Once seated in the attic, the copywriter will count to 10 not to calm down, but to write his daily chores on the TO DO list. Monitoring? Check. Social media reports? Check. Content ideas? Check. Brainstorming? In 2 and 4 hours. Advertorials? Check. Research for the US office? Check.  A tiny strategy? Hit me!

After some heavy thinking, the mealtime comes – a perfect occasion for telling stories: who released what, what new communication policy was approved by Mister Facebook, “Have you seen X’s campaign?”, “Shall we go to that gig on Friday night?” and, evidently, “I so love your shoes! Fancy a swop?”.

Come to think of it, a day in a copy’s life is a mix of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and Lady’s Urania Aries horoscope. In short, the hip version of chaos.

Write some wisdom, save the day.

This is why a copy of my species can be compared with that annoying mother-in-law who always finds solutions; the perfect grumbler, yet generous and jovial. A copy of my species begins a sentence with an idea and ends it with another.

On one hand, the copywriter is the one who insanely splits his conversations into checking his smartphone and making eye contact with the other person. He is the immature one who babbles over and over about viral gifs and cat campaigns, the surprise blog creator for his colleagues and a great not-yet-discovered poem-writer while playing the violin.

On the other hand, the mind of a copywriter is an endless source of respect for others, curiosity for the human nature, a rational individual who can always argue for his beliefs and in which you can share your trust. With each overlooked text found within a website or app., a copy has once again made order in the digital world and left his favorite pair of socks at the entrance.

May the sunshine light your way!

The best part is that the copy doesn’t love his job only for the coffee, colleagues, remuneration, legendary parties or a comfy chair to procrastinate on. The best part is that this continuous race of arranging little, tiny boxes of ideas becomes your lifestyle. And this is amazing!

The copywriter’s clothes, pair of socks and words become an avalanche of enthusiasm upon which all others advertisers will stumble one day. This status quo becomes contagious like an engine that keeps you in the loop and only gets shut down when the sun no longer rises.

However, a good karma driven copywriter will always find an open window. If not, he will invent a mobile app to light up the sunshine for those who wander the streets of 2.0 every day.

Andreea Gavrila

Material written by Andreea Gavrila

About Andreea

2.0 copywriter, Andreea happily roams through creative meadows since she was 7. After testing her creative skills at the violin, at 19 she started writing on advertising blogs and voluntarily help little clients in need of online communication. 4 years ago, she took a leap of faith when she started working in the creative department. Now a young drummer of Kubis, her portfolio includes alcohol brands, corporate accounts and US projects.