Romanian state news agency Agerpres rebranded, with help from the Public Advisors and PQB

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The Public Advisors, Romanian communications agency, and PQB, Romanian creative agency, are the ones that made the new communication strategy and rebranding for Romanian state news agency Agerpres.

Overview noua identitate AGERPRES

The entire process lasted around six months and started with a brand audit, followed by the development of the new identity, along with a new slogan: “Updates the world”. Adding to those was the design of the new online platform – – , the design for communication materials and indoors signaling materials.

Alexandru Giboi, General Manager Agerpres - Romanian state news agency

It is the moment for Agerpres to align to international media trends, which means, implicitly, that we need to have a new image and new communication platforms. We wished to keep the main values of Agerpres, but to redraw them in a modern style, that can communicate exactly our new brand attributes. I am happy that, together with The Public Advisors and PQB, we managed to reach successfully to the end of the 1st stage of a project that changes radically and in a good way the image of the institution I am managing

Alexandru Giboi,

General Manager Agerpres

The Public Advisors was in charge with putting up together the communication strategy for Agerpres, in accordance with the new image and its objectives for the future. The first milestone was the event to reveal the new identity, built around a complex concept, with 2 inter-connected sections.

Raluca Mihalachioiu, General Manager si Senior Public Advisor The Public Advisors

The fact that a news agency put its future in the hands of a PR agency is an unprecedented thing in Romanian media’s picture and a great honor for The Public Advisors. By building the new Agerpres, we assumed a difficult and complex mission and we’re very proud about its final result. It is an important step for the press agency and I am happy we set up together the basis for the new agerpres, that will be from now on more present, more visible, more oriented towards the new trends in global mass-media

Raluca Mihalachioiu

General Manager & Senior Public Advisor  The Public Advisors.

PQB was the agency responsible with the creative side of the rebranding process, starting with the new visual identity to design for the website and the communication materials. When it comes of the logo, using the sphere was considered, as it is a symbol Agerpres’ public was interacting already, but it was redrawn and adapted to the new trends in design with help of volume and dynamic and ascending aspect.

Ciprian Tolos, General Manager and Creative Director PQB

To be the “architects” of the new Agerpres at online and offline branding level is an honor for us. We are practically those who made the package the information will be delivered on daily basis towards tens of thousands of people in Romania and in the world and towards hundreds of Romanian public institutions and private companies. This mission and the fact that Agerpres is one of the most important press institutions in Romania were very important for PQB team. At design level, the challenge came from the need to combine the experience and tradition of the press agency, or shortly put the past, with contemporary models and an anticipate vision of the future. This is how it was born the tridimensional sphere, wearing traditional clothes: the colors of the Romanian nation

Ciprian Tolos,

General Manager PQB.

The concept of the new identity started from the journalist and its main activity: collecting global scale information and group it into bews. This way, the new identity will transmit and support the messages of the new Agerpres: global coverage, combining info from national and international sources, national character symbolized with flag’s colors, ascending direction and substance, power of news symbolized through the volume of information chunks.

The new Agerpres online platform was created starting from users’ conduit, as they need fast access to info they are interested in. This way, at usability level, the visitor will interact with a friendly interface, that will offer him fast access to information. When it comes the accessibility, new Agerpres uses a robust platform, with adaptive graphics that deliver an interface adapted to the gadget the user has. Also, in the near future, new Agerpres will also implement a system of buying and paying online for news and photo feeds. The new platform allows integration with the most popular social networks in Romania (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube), allowing users to authenticate fast,  distribute easily the info and comment them.

The teams involved in launching the new Agerpres included:

  • Agerpres: Alexandru Giboi (General Manager), Cristian-Dan Durleci (Deputy General Manager)
  • The Public Advisors: Raluca Mihalachioiu (General Manager & Senior Public Advisor), Lidia Pitulea (Group Account Manager)
  • PQB: Ciprian Tolos (General Manager & Creative Director), Catalin Apostol (Senior Art Director), Florin Panaitescu (Art Director), Alina Sclifos (Account Manager)

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