Rom Autentic starts a new campaign and wants justice for Oina – the Romanian national sport, turned by Americans into Baseball

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Romanian Rom starts a new campaign, following the already known tone in communication. As it claimed Romanians are smart and inventive and came up with the first reaction plane, insulin, reservoir pen and the flying backpack, ROM admits also that others borrowed Romanians’ ideas, used them and got rich with their help. Therefor, ROM launches a new product – Biscuits with ROM cream – and also a new campaign, claiming revenge and recognition for all the ideas stolen from them

It already become a tradition for ROM to have a powerful message, to remind us truths about Romanians – an example are the multiple inventions that, over the time, became reality far away from the country and others got the recognition. This time, ROM comes and dares by launching a product to symbolically revenge the injustices made during history. We don’t invent the wheel, we take over another one’s invention – biscuits – and we make it Romanian by adding Authentic Rom taste

Gabriela Munteanu,

Marketing & Trade Marketing Director, Kandia Dulce.

Once with the launch of the new product, Rom Autentic launches a petition to admit Romanian roots of the baseball, also as a symbolic gesture to revenge Romania’s national sport, oina, that was taken over and transformed into a sports show over the Ocean. Rom demands to the Americans, in the petition, that they would recognize the Romanian origins of baseball: sing, to at least one official game, Romania’s anthem in the start and to dress the cheerleaders in Romanian popular costumes.

Rom aims to gather as many signatures as possible on the petition by October 10th and than it will send the letter in America, to Major Baseball League, together with a CD with Romania’s anthem in phonetic transcription and a popular costume for cheerleaders.

McCann-ROM team is not at its first initiative of courageous export of Romanian genius loci. The planet would better get used already with our personality. Romania ranks 15 in the world in exercising soft power and only with initiatives like this we can maintain in this top

Sebastian Olar,

Copywriter McCann Erickson.

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