Alexandrion, best sold brandy in Romania, has a new visual identity and packaging

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After 17 years of presence on the Romanian market, Alexandrion Grup Romania launched a new visual identity and a new bottle for the best sold brandy brand in Romania. With more than 85 million sold bottles, Alexandrion is the leader of the Romanian market.

After the rebranding, Alexandrion will be known under the formula “New Classic”. The rebranding process took 2 years and has more surprise steps to come for the market. It all started with the desire to offer consumers a better experience with the brand, more value for the money and a new image that will support the quality of the product.

Bogdan Anghel

When it came of choosing the agency that would create the new image and design of the bottle, Alexandrion organized an international pitch open only for international agencies. Related to the decision of not inviting any Romanian agencies at the pitch, Bogdan Anghel, Marketing Manager Alexandrion Grup Romania, said that the local agencies market does not offer at the moment the quality they were searching for. “The design from scratch of a bottle, with copyright, is done outside. The Romanian market is not developed enough”, Anghel added.

The winner of the pitch was Cartils Branding & Packaging Design Amsterdam, an agency that has in portfolio clients such as Heineken, Glenfiddich, Royalty Vodka, Ketel One Vodka, Monte Scroppino, Mytos, etc.

The new Alexandrion bottle design is unique and elegant, has an easy to recognize shape and keeps some of the base elements of the previous edition in order to offer continuity to the brand. The new elements are the new logo, engraved directly on the bottle, and the curved line positioned on top of the label.


Alexandrion is ready to invest and develop the category and the “New Classic” platform is just the beginning for the brand. After the launch of the new design, an integrated advertising campaign will follow, with the start given by a new  TVC, to air in November and that was created by the Romanian advertising agency Papaya.

Our whole budget for this launch will pass Euro 1M margin by the end of the year

Bogdan Anghel.

As part of the good piece of news, it is good to know that Alexandrion decided that the price per bottle will maintain at the same level, although the taxes are rising. “What is a better way of thanking the consumers than leaving the price untouched ?”, the Marketing Manager said.

Also, in the near future, Alexandrion will launch a super premium brandy range (7 stars), targeting consumers with bigger budgets.



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