23 Communication Ideas signs the newest communication campaign for Alfers’ wafers

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23 Communication Ideas developed the relaunch campaign for Alfers wafers, as the company introduced on the market new packaging and 4 new aromas for the product.

The communication campaign includes 3 TVCs:




About the new products, Laurentiu Semeniuc said:

Alfers became non-glazed wafers market leader by respecting a simple recipe for success: a very good product and an accessible price. No irrelevant sophistication, no tricks with product’s weight or big bags on which one pays more for the air inside than for the products. Another reality, of the category this time, is that wafers are a simple pleasure, a little spoil, something sweet between the meals, without being necessarily eaten to stop the hunger, but mainly when one feels the need of something good and sweet.

This year,  to the already traditional Alfers aromas, 4 new flavor combinations are added. The new Alfers range is the perfect opportunity to communicate and to refresh entire brand’s image, with focus on the fact that simple pleasures should remain simple

The campaign is dramatizing exactly this idea, examples of simple pleasures that, surprisingly, are getting complicated and transform something that normally should have been simple and pleasant in something with not very good consequences. It is the creative way of relaying Alfers’ promise, a simple pleasure with no unexpected surprises for its consumers

Laurentiu Semeniuc,

Partener 23.

The campaign includes TV, online and POS activities.

The teams working on the campaign:

23 Communication Ideas: Alina Popa  (Brand Comm), Laurentiu Semeniuc (Strategy), Antonio Marzavan, Radu Roman, Alexandru Pomana (Creative).

Alka Grup: Lucian Duna (Digital Communication & Brand Management Coordinator), Ruxandra Roman (Marketing & Communication Director).

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