Gemius study: Over 8.9M Romanian internet users, men are dominant

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Over 8.9M Romanians are active on the internet, men being dominant, according to gemiusAudience study presented at IAB Forum Romania. The average Romanian internet user views around 1,219 pages and spends online 26 hours and 59 minutes on average, per month.

In terms of gender, Romanian men (4.47M, 50.16%) are more numerous than women (4.44M, 49,84%) over the internet.

When it comes of activity over the internet, men are more active online then women and spend more time browsing websites. When it comes of time spent online in a month, women do that just for 22 hours, while men spend 31 hours on the internet. Also, the two genders have different preferred destinations on web: men prefer sports and gaming websites, while women access more those dedicated to clothes or shoes.

According to Gemius, young people aged 25-34 y.o are best represented online (53,63% from the total of Romanian internet users aged 14-34 y.o, 2.39M people).

When it comes of education, Romanian internet users have high or superior education, having graduated a high-school (3.23M, 36.2% from total internet users) or an University (1.56M, 17.6% from total internet users).

With 8.9M internet users, Romania is the 5th market among those measured by Gemius, after Russia, Turkey, Poland and Ukraine and preceding Czech Republic, Israel, Belarus, Hungary and Denmark. When it comes of internet penetration, Romania has the smallest one in the region, 49.08%.

Budgets for online advertising were in Romania of Euro 23M in 2012, which ranks it 7th at regional level. Biggest budgets for online advertising were spent in Poland, Turkey and Czech Republic, followed by Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria. The last places in online ad budgets were occupied by Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia.

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Among Romanian internet users, the most popular websites are Google, Facebook and Yahoo, which are also the most frequently visited. According to Gemius, in August 2013, 77.2 % from Romanian internet users accessed, 72.4 % used Facebook and 66,7% checked  On 4th place in this ranking is, that attracted, in August, 59,9 % from Romanian internet users.

Most popular Romanian websites proved to be news websites such as, or, web-portals ( or e-commerce and classified ads websites (, and

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gemiusAudience study presents a complete image of Romanian online medium, offering information on people that visit websites. It is a continuous study, that offer monthly data that allow following Romanian online trends.

Data obtained in our study are following the regional trends, with big, global websites occupying the first positions in the top, followed by powerful local brands, that satisfy Romanian users’ need of content. We can see also a powerful presence of e-commerce websites, which proves that Romanians are using more and more internet to buy products online

Catalin Emilian,

Country Manager Gemius Romania.