In Romania, Julius Meinl wants a better world through poetry

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Julius Meinl, a brand that inspires poets since 1862 (“Inspiring poets since 1862”), dares Romanians to rediscover and recognize poetry in the life of the century we live in.

In October’s first day, Julius Meinl posted in Bucharest Underground over  260.000 post-its with verses that people can unstick and take with them, in a gesture meant to transform a grey and busy work day into a more beautiful one.

Poetry isn’t dead. It has new forms and continues to make the world beautiful. We just need to stop for a second and realize that. Julius Meinl gesture in Bucharest subway aims to be a manifesto from poets and poetry to general public. We are here, we are actual and we want your attention. And, more than sure, your life will be more beautiful. At least for couple of seconds.

Radu Pilat,

Managing Partner Heist Industries.

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  • “And, more than sure, you’re life will be more beautiful. At least for couple seconds” […]

    • Well, thanks for signaling the mistakes, unfortunately we’re just human! We hope we saw both 5 and 6.

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