How to Web 2013 – themes and speakers

Business, Digital & Media, ITC, Start Up

How to Web 2013 will take place around a key concept “Let’s grow together” , that aims to put in perspective local and regional tech industry’s development during the next years.

The event takes place on November 20-21 and reunites over 40 international speakers that will share their experience to an estimated audience of 800 people.

How to Web will debate the development of durable companies, products and services  within tech industry with monetization of the local context as a strong point. Participants will have the opportunity to discover real applications for techs and instruments dedicated to web developers and will also have access to presentations about technologies of the future that influence changes of paradigm and UX/UI methodologies.

During the start sections in each of conference’s days, the main presentations will approach themes like innovation and the strategic way tech companies can be developed on long term in order to bring durable benefits to their founders and society. Some of the speakers that will approach this theme will include Thomas Hartwing (CTO and Co-Founder or Paul Ford (VP & CEO SoftLayer).

Adii Pienaar (Co-Fondator & ex-CEO Woo Themes) from South Africa and Kei Shimada (Director of Business Development Dentsu) from Japan will go on the stage to share the experience of innovation development and global business “from the end of the world”.

Tal Siach (Co-Fondator & CMO, Michael Levit (founder Spigot) and Peter Brodsky (exDirector R&D SoundCloud Sofia) will reunite in a panel to debate companies’ option to use human resources from South-Eastern Europe in order to achieve technical development for their products.

User’s experience in using a product or service is fundamental for a tech product success on global scale and this is going to be the theme speakers like Alex Hunter (CEO Rushmore) and Stefan Szakal (CEO & Co-Fondator X3) will approach.

On the tech side, Philipp Kandal (Co-Founder & CTO Skobbler) and Simon Stewart (Software Engineer Facebook and member of Selenium’s development team) will talk about big data, automated testing role and Facebook’s innovations for Android.

Practical technologies and instruments for web programmers will be debated in a discussions panel that will includeMartyn Davies (Developer Evangelist SendGrid, API specialist), John Webb (Marketing Director for Startups and Developpers Rackspace) and Michael Wawra (Developer Evangelist Twilio).

In the end of the conference, Christopher Martin (Senior Manager Bosch) will have a speech about technolgies’ future, opening the horizon over what one can expect in tech in years to follow.

During the 2 days, conference’s second scene will host discussions about financing start-ups, with  Sitar Teli (Managing Partner, Connect Ventures), Jure Mikuz (RSG Capital), Mihai Sfintescu (3TS), Jon Bradford (Managing Director, TechStars), Carlos Espinal (Partner, Seedcamp), Dylian Dimitrov (Eleven Startup Accelerator) or Lyuben Belov (LAUNCHub) to present their points of view.

In parallel with How to Web 2013, a new edition of Startup Spotlight will also take place and will include dedicated workshops, mentoring sesions, private meetings with investors and specialists. Also, Startup Spotlight will include USD 20,000 worth awards that will go to start-ups after their projects and pitches will be evaluated.

Detailed agenda of the event, with full list of confirmed speakers and details on tickets’ acquisition is available on How to Web’s website .