Over 20 apps and business solutions to be launched at Internet & Mobile World 2013

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Internet & Mobile World 2013 (IMWorld 2013) will be the place where there will be launched over 20 apps and business solutions dedicated to big companies, online stores owners and small businesses. At this year’s IMW, developers are focused on apps for tablets and mobile phones, CRM programs, apps for online payments, “machine to machine” communication or cloud computing.

 The main partners of IMWorld 2013 – event scheduled to take place in Bucharest on October 9-10 – are Cosmote Romania and Romtelecom Business Solutions, also Business Software Partners.


The event will reunite 5,000 participants that will have the opportunity to test a series of business solutions that can help businesses and projects, among which:

  • Mediapost Hit Mail will launch a service that takes over all the logistics and allows merchandisers to focus on selecting and promoting products.
  • MODE 360 will introduce a new tech that acts like a mini-photo studio and allows making photos for products in a 360 degree manner, simple and fast
  • Next level in developing taxi apps is with the innovative tech from Stuff We Do Software Development – helps taxi clients to count the trip in parallel with the driver and to see if the chosen route is the most proper one
  • Appearance and development of intelligent homes and towns is the basis of the app from Renovatio IT Solutions; the company will present for the 1st time de wireless system to control a home, tapHOME, though which appliances can be managed via one single mobile app

This year, developers focused more on CRM programs and their improvement

  • EXE Software will launch esInsights, a CRM program with a higher number of functionalities than usual
  • Entersoft Business Suite offers to its beneficiaries the possibility to manage Twitter and Facebook accounts directly from CRM program’s interface

Other companies present to IMWorld with apps are

  • Decar Studios – apps for publishing houses, institutions, universities, schools, digital books dealers; works like an  e-learning/e-reader and incorporates a store
  • RBC – apps for online payments; achieved by scanning QR codes, keeps a history of buys and offers data on expenses
  • Carnation Group – Wootocracy.com platform, next generation of clients’ loyalization platform, includes elements of “social gamification”
  • Infinit Solutions – campaign of lead generation in real time, dedicated to the “always on”, connected and mobile consumer



We think that launched apps and business solutions will show that Internet & Mobile World is that place where businessmen from Romania are gathering to connect to the very dynamic reality of digital solutions. Here is the future, here is the key for many problems we face in business. We want the Romanian business public to be always updated with what is new, innovative, intelligent and efficient

Cristian Hossu,

Managing Partner Universum Events, IMWorld’s organizer.