E-talent – the 1st platform for online casting in Romania, launched on October 3rd


E-talent, the only online recruiting website for the entertainment industry, was launched on October 3rd, with around 5,000 people signing it for it.

E-talent launches in the virtual world like the only online casting platform active on Romanian showbiz market, where artists and employers interact

E-Talent vizual

The platform includes all the tools needed for casting both for artists and employers and creates a performant, professional and transparent work frame.

It is probably the most performant casting soft in Romania, an online database where anyone can enter if he wants to try the experience of a filming day, no matter we are talking about a commercial, a video or a movie. I think we are a histrionic population and most Romanians can play with success a small rol in an ad. Moreover, the ads in the industry are pretty well paid, which makes the experience even more rewarding

Bogdan Dumitrache,

Project Initiator

Dumitrache has 10 years of experience within Romanian casting industry and, until now, he managed ExitFilms casting agency.

E-talent offers for free to the employers within the industry one of the most complete and performant casting databases in Romania reuniting 3,000 professional actors and 2,500 real people, along with special categories of performers: models, dancers, musicians and amateur actors (graduates from private acting schools).

E-talent works as a jobs website. In order to access all jobs offers, a person must create an account and activate it so he can see and visualize the casting jobs. Employers will select and invite artists directly to castings, with no involvement from E-talent.

There are some minimum eligibility conditions for actors, info needed to prove that they belong to the group. E-talent also includes honorific profiles of some big actors of Romanian theater and film.

The platform relays news and info on events of the entertainment industry and also makes available, in exchange of a tax, assistance for casting, photo sessions, consultancy, contacting artists, renting studios, equipment and repetition spaces.

The media partners of the platform are Iqads, Filmreporter.ro, Cooperativa Urbana.ro, Bewhere.ro, Romania Pozitiva.ro and Port.ro.