Yonathan Dominitz trained the Romanian creatives from Lowe&Partners


Yonathan Dominitz, one of the most internationally known trainers in creativity and innovative thinking, came to Romania at the invitation of Lowe&Partners and met the entire agency’s team during a series of training sessions reunited under the umbrella “The rules for breaking creative rules”.

Yonathan Dominitz dedicated 2 full days to those session and, during this period, debated with Lowe&Partners’ team the trends in international advertising, with focus on tools that break common creative models and help generating really surprising and innovative ideas for today’s advertising consumer.

Dominitz is the founder of the consultancy Mindscapes and organizes trainings of advertising creativity, media and communication in countries all over the world. With over 12 years of experience in management positions within the advertising industry, Yonathan Dominitz is also a key speaker to numerous international conferences and creative festivals.

Yonathan Dominitz

I am glad to have the occasion to meet up with Lowe creatives and exchange information with them at an anniversary moment: they celebrate 20 years of advertising on Romanian market. I found an energetic team, full of desire to explore new methods of generating creative ideas. Many of the ideas we developed together during the training are really very strong. If Romanian clients will be open to implement them, I am sure the echo of those campaigns will go over the borders

Yonathan Dominitz

The big benefit of this meeting stays in the fact that they help sedimentation of judgement principles and creative arguing. I don’t believe that the idea is the big challenge behind a project that breaks the norms, but the capacity to argue rationally “products” that are emotionally by excellence and are profoundly tributary to subjective judgements. I strongly believe in a creativity’s maths and it is imperiously needed when at jury’s table are 10 minds, 10 pairs of eyes and 10 hearts. Here is where the real artistry of the creative person stays, this is what makes the difference between a creative that takes the Cannes stage and one that stands in the ¬†audience thinking <I had that idea also….>

Manuela Gogu,

Creative Director Lowe&Partners.

Echipa Lowe&Partners, la training cu Yonathan Dominitz

“The rules for breaking creative rules” training with Yonathan Dominitz is part of the annual professional development program of Lowe&Partners, a program tailored on the needs and individual needs of the team.

We are here today in an excellent moment: a complete team, with a lot of enthusiasm and creative energy, that faces an unlimited horizon of opportunities when it comes of communication and interaction environments. Dominitz is synonymous innovation, vibrant creativity and, in the same time, discipline in thinking. There were 2 intense days, a very productive creative brainstorming and a whole team more inspired. It was awesome to hear from Yonathan that he was impressed by the original and courageous ideas generated by our team during this training

Aura Toma,

Managing Director Lowe&Partners.