new portal, made by GreenPixel, was awarded at Internetics 2013

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The design and results obtained during the first 3 month since launch brought to new the title of “best website in services category”. In the same section,’s rivals were Romtelecom, Asirom, Raiffeisen or Regina Maria.

Launched in June 2013, the new aimed to clearly differentiate from the other banking websites in Romania,  to use a fresh approach in communication, that would match a rebranding process that is still going on, and to increase interactions with clients and also the conversion rates.

As BRD is a company that targets all the segments of clients that interact with banks, the strategy of the new was founded on each segment’s needs and expectations. This way, 9 homepages dedicated to the type of clients and their specific needs allow 9 types of customized navigations, all with specific design and all allowing easy access to useful tools in the website (tutorials, calculators and so on).

 The recognition at Internetics 2013 makes us happy especially considering this portal’s complexity and the impressive results that we have in a very competitive domain, from an online marketing point of view

Marius Deak,

Founder & Strategy Director GreenPixel.

Most often, the first contact with a bank takes place online and that is why the design and content of a website are decisive in client’s decision making process. The award received at Internetics confirms the correctness of the conception and the quality of work that GreenPixel and BRD teams invested

Elena Oprea,

Deputy Executive Director, Marketing & Product Management, BRD Groupe Société Générale.

When it comes of results for the first 3 months since new was launched, it registered an over 50% increase in number of applications, the duration of visits increased by 57%, 2% increase of pages / visit and a decrease by 15% of the bounce rate. And this without support from communication or sales campaigns.

The teams involved in this project were;

  • GreenPixel: Marius Deak, Roxana Stan, Alexandru Ionescu and Oana Subtirica, Suzana Deak, Gabi Florea, Bogdan Dinu, Tina Necula
  • BRD: Stephane Demicheli, Adrian Enculescu, Gabriela Serbanică, Elena Oprea, Emanuela Ghyka and Cornelia Ghita

GreenPixel  is one of oldest digital marketing agencies on Romanian market and one of the most respected ones. During its 15 years of activity, the agency ran over 400 projects for  clients such as Connex/Vodafone, Ursus Breweries (Timisoreana, Grolsch), Tarom, Banca Romanească, FashionDays, Sanoma Hearst (National Geographic, FHM,, Rompetrol, Unicef, Ringier, ING, Fabryo, Pepsi, Unilever, BRD and many others.