Client Metrics study: Clients’ perception on Romanian services sector

Marketing, Studies

Client Metrics, instrument for monitoring clients satisfaction created by Trendelligent and Blue Point and recently launched on Romanian market, announced the conclusion of a study that aimed to measure clients’ satisfaction in relation with services providers in Romania.

According to the study, over 30% from interviewed people admitted that, during economic recession, services providers tried to improve the services offered to the clients and the way to relate to them. Still, 25% of the clients have a less pleasant experience with service providers, with most common problems being the long time that passes until they receive an answer related to their problems, passing the responsibilities from one person to another and delays in solving the problems or offering solutions that aren’t suited to client’s needs.

For clients, the most bothersome thing is the lack of a single contact in communicating with a company when one needs information or a problem solved. When they want to solve a problem, 87% consumers are using maximum 2 communication channels, with the phone being the first choice, followed by an email directed to a responsible person, but also company’s Facebook page, website or even SMS.

The study also mentions that 71% from unsatisfied customers won’t come back to the same company, except the situation when the client has a contract with the provider that cannot be cancelled immediately or that involves costs to annul it.

According to the findings, 56% from the complaints made via social media are ignored (Facebook account, email address from company’s website with the format contact@).

The main directions companies’ customer policy must act towards and that were indicated by clients indicated during the study are diversifying the communication channels to which the company would answer in the shortest amount of time possible, phone and conversation with an agent (83%) , email to client service department (58%), IM / online chat with a person that would answer fast  (32%), Help or FAQs section on a company’s website (29%), SMS (24%). The last mentioned are online forums and clients communities (17%).

When it comes of mobile solutions, those can generate an increase in clients’ satisfaction of up to 56% and an increase in sales of up to 19% due to the fact that the mobile phone is the fastest communication channel.

Clients also consider that it is important for a company to demand and use clients’ feedback on its products, services and organizational processes, a fact that could help optimizing the relation with the clients and improve their experience with the company. Still, only 18% among the interviewed clients are eager to offer feedback by filling in a form, with the main reason being the lack of trust that the information will actually be taken in consideration and be included in better quality services.

The study was made in September-October 2013, on a sample of 500 people living in urban areas, with ages of 25-45 y.o. and a medium income of over Euro 600/person. The services referred to within the study are telecom services, medical services, financial-banking, auto and business tourism services