SCG orchestrated Angelli’s summer MegaCampaign


SG – Smart Corporation Group Agency signed MegaCampaign for Angelli, that took place under the tagline “Ai, ai, ie, we‘ve green for MegaParty” and lasted 108 days, from June 15th to September 30th. The campaign promoted the launch of 3 new types of frizzante appetizers  (Bitter Orange, Cherry Pink, Forest Fruits) on the Romanian market.

The concept of the campaign was that of a MegaParty and Romanian singer CRBL helped with building this concept. The main award of the campaign was the VIP status for a day for a winner and 4 of his friends.

We wanted to offer an unusual prize in this campaign. It’s easy to suggest material prizes, it’s harder to provide a VIP status, some unique memories in a special event concept

Marius Obritenschi,

CEO Angelli.

The MegaParty’s winner had a VIP treatment for 24 hours with 4 friends (accommodation, limo with driver, navigating with a sailing vessel, visits to a horses stud and more, the moment of glory being reached on the stage of the MegaParty alongside CRBL). The host of MegaParty, CRBL, ended the summer with the hottest party of the season: a memorable show for 1,000 people, thousands of Orange Bitter cold drinks and hundreds of arms up in the air for a single word: “MegaFun”.

Another prize offered within the campaign was a 4 days trip for two in Crete.

The campaign was developed by SCG and fully implemented across multiple channels, focusing on CRBL endorsement. The campaign included a 360 degree mix of promotion channel, inclusively digital ones: online platform (campaign’s website), Social Media (Facebook, YouTube).

Agelli crbl

This campaign was a challenge for us, but I’m glad we had the courage to be creative enough. The MegaParty moment that night, where we saw all efforts crowned beautifully, was peerless

Claudiu Popa,

CEO of SCG – Smart Corporation Group.

The teams involved in this campaign were:

  • SCG: Carmen Stan (Account Executive), Andrara Vlasceanu (PR Specialist), Matei Tuca (Digital Specialist), Diana Duca (Copywriter), Radu Zamfirescu (Graphic Designer), Michael Ghetu (Graphic Designer), George Manguci (DTP), and Raluca Baller (Production Specialist).
  • Angelli: Marius Obritenschi (General Director), Ana Hristea (Marketing Assistant), Marius Dumitrascu (National Sales Director).

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