VEKAlog – a guide signed by Lowe & Partners and VEKA to educate Romanian consumers in choosing their windows

Business, Marketing

Romanian Lowe & Partners developed, for VEKA, the 1st guide that targets Romanians with the purpose to help them choose the windows they need for their homes. VEKAlog includes the 6 “laws” of a perfect window and reached Romanian consumers via more communication channel, including a special platform, company’s Facebook page, print and online (dedicated banners)

This campaign comes to help those who need answers for the problems they confront with in this field and do not find the proper ones. We are happy to help them with this educational campaign developed together with Lowe&Partners team

Alex Oancea,

Marketing Manager VEKA Romania.

Campaign’s idea is based on the results of a study made by VEKA that shows that most Romanians don’t know details regarding the windows they installed in their homes.

This is the first educational guide in Romania for correctly choosing windows and we managed to arrange the info in a creative manner and in such a way as to be handy. The interested people find useful information both in print but also online and on digital channels. We addressed, with this communication, a real need and we are overwhelmed with the number of people that access campaign’s website in order to get info

Diana Stancu-Mottok,

Account Director Lowe&Partners.

The campaign developed by Lowe& Partners also includes a promotion that runs during October and encourages consumers to replace old windows with VEKA windows. Those who answer the challenge and answer on the special website with a post in which they identify the problems of their windows have the opportunity to win an Euro 1,000 voucher that they can use to buy VEKA profiles.