SeniorHyper tells stories with comics for Airwaves in Romania

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Comics to tell stories about adventures, sports, action, courage and heroes are in the core of a Facebook app developed by SeniorHyper for Airwaves. “Breath deep and dare!” is the dare to which users are challenged to do what they really want.

All the people that use the app and answer the dare enter automatically an Airwaves challenge that can bring them chewing gum for 3 months. The promotion started on October 21st and lasts until December 2nd. SeniorHyper handles, for Airwaves, both the promotion and brand’s Facebook page, along with the entire digital strategy.

Airwaves is about action and dynamism, about courage and attitude, and SeniorHyper team knows that you can talk the best about these in exquisitely made digital stories. We loved the concept of the app “Breath Deep and dare” both for its originality and for the fact that is relays the main characteristics of Airwaves brand

Nicoleta Mihalache,

Brand Manager Assistant, Airwaves.

The community on What is extreme (Airwave’s Facebook page) is one of the coolest I’ve ever met. Extreme, in a normal way. You can find out that running a bike is funnier, about chess-boxing or rock climbing from those that actually do it. It is, I think, the first magazine in Romania that manifests on Facebook with and for those who create it and read it. We started from a simple chewing gum and we reached to a story that is happening for three years already. The success is due, mainly, to the fact that we listened to each other and we had the courage to make simple ideas. Due to the fact in which we support it, Airwaves reaches, in many contexts, to be mentioned as success story. This means to do what you really like

Dana Cucos

Social Media Planner, SeniorHyper.


SeniorHyper team working on the project included Vasile Alboiu – Creative Director, Dana Cucos – Social Media Planner, Miruna Dumitrescu  – Copywriter, Daniel Oprea – Flash Designer, Veronica Ciacoveanu – Senior Account Manager, Irina Ivan – Senior Account Manager, Alexandra Circiu – Junior Account Executive, Alex Hertog  – Project Manager, Teo Onicel – Action Script Developer and Stefan Zibilianu – PHP/MYSQL Developer.

SeniorHyper is one of the most important digital advertising agencies in Romania, has a team of 55 digital specialists and 10 years of experience on the market, working along the time with both local and international brands.