A croissant and “controlled chaos” – ingredients in a work day for Vasile Alboiu (Creative Director SeniorHyper)

Creativity, Digital & Media, People

7:30 – I wake up and I drive my little girl to school. She’s in the 4th grade so we have some interesting (even hallucinating) conversations. Moreover, she helps me to find out good insights for different projects that have as target kids aged 7-12 years old.

8:10 – I get to the office. It’s not far from the school so I get there relatively fast and without stress. At 8, it’s not busy at all, I get something to eat, usually a croissant with butter.

8:20  – The computer starts. I check the emails received over night, they happen often as we are working for clients living in other time zones.

A little after 8:40 – I start checking a few websites: adsoftheworld, thefwa, awwards, iqads, news websites, a few art blogs, gizmodo, techcrunch. This takes around 20-30 minutes

Vasile Alboiu

From 9:00 forward – I start sending feedback emails to Creative teams, CS, production etc and, besides that, I establish the meetings for the day or for the next few days.

Than…the “controlled chaos” follows – because I get involved pretty much in the execution side of some projects, I need to talk to the creative teams (that get to work sometimes after 9.30…hmmm…ok…after 10:00) on each head or layout. I establish what is a priority and what is not, which are the jobs that need extra efforts and which are the possible problems that might appear. I enter in a brainstorming for a project, it lasts around 2-3 hours, and after I go to a presentation. When I get back, I eat something I order via mobile phone or online. Usually, that takes me 10-15 minutes. Or I eat a sandwich and solve other mails that appeared meanwhile. Then there are other layouts, discussions on concepts, feedbacks. When this is over, other projects, other feedbacks, layouts follow :).

After 18:30, the waters start chilling down, a sign that a part of the agency already reached home or in some other at least as pleasant places. This gives me time to continue, in a relatively quiet environment, what I still have to do – other layouts, concepts, heads.

Sometime around 20:00, I leave and go home ( in an OK day). Fortunately, here comes wife’s feedbacks, children’s concepts, heads etc.

Vasile Alboiu is Creative Director SeniorHyper, digital agency part of Lowe Group resulted following the merger Senior Interactive – Hyperactive.