TEDxBucharest 2013 communicated by The Public Advisors and Hello Menthol

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Romanian PR agency The Public Advisors and strategy and multidisciplinary studio Hello Menthol signed the communication strategy and visual identity for TEDxBucharest 2013.

Andrei Dinu, Organizator TEDxBucharest 2013

I want to thank The Public Advisors and Hello Menthol for offering their expertise and experience to TEDxBucharest and for building up on the concept we chose for this edition: “Make it Happen”, PR strategies and graphical identity concepts that helped us to present to the public ideas that worth to be shared. Moreover, both teams are the result of an entrepreneurial exercise made both by Raluca and by Alexu, which suits very well with our concept this year

Andrei Dinu

TEDxBucharest organizer

The Public Advisors handled the communication strategy and made a campaign that mixed digital communication, blog relations, event management and classical media relations. Moreover, for the 1st time in the 5 years of existence of the conference in Romania, a new concept – TedxBucharest ambassador – was introduced.

Raluca Mihalachioiu, General Manager si Senior Public Advisor The Public Advisors

We wished very much for us to be the ones that make it happen when it comes of the Romanian version of one of the most known events on the planet.  The Public Advisors team serviced the ideas that worth sharing with  mix of innovative communication tactics, creating around TEDxBucharest a real community of supporters that included ambassadors, journalists, members of civil society and young people

Raluca Mihalachioiu,

General Manager – The Public Advisors.

Hello Menthol team was the one that built the entire visual strategy for TEDxBucharest. The proposed solution went to the core of “Make it Happen” and had as key graphical elements normal tools that people on the stage used in real life to build their stories, tools that wouldn’t have mean anything without determination, passion and a huge load of work.


TEDxBucharest 2013 identity is, practically, a visual confirmation of the statement “Make it Happen” and, simultaneously, a flexible composition of illustrations easy to decline on any online and offline support, on animations, environmental branding and so on

Alexu Toader,

Managing Partner – Hello Menthol.

This year’s logo integrated the tagline, drawn in line with illustrations and generic logo for TEDxBucharest. This representation can lead to more extensions to integrate additional info: event’s data, the place etc. Andrei Argaetic – illustrator – was the one that draw the needed elements for the branding kit and that continued live the event, with a performance at the event.

The communication campaign generated over 300 reports on TV, print and online, while the social media campaign had a readch of around 50,000 people.

The teams working on the campaign were:

  • The Public Advisors: Raluca Mihalachioiu- General Manager & Senior Public Advisor, Lidia Pitulea – Group Account Manager & Senior Public Advisor, Florina Natu – Public Advisor, Sebastian Braga- Public Advisor.
  • Hello Menthol: Alexu Toader – Creative Director, Andrei Argaetic – illustration, Simon Altair – Graphic Design, Alexandra Bujenita – Account Manager, Alex Fratita – Copywriter.
  • TEDxBucharest: Andrei Dinu – Licensee & Partnership Manager, Andrei Nica- Logistics Manager, Allekta-Ilinca Hatu – Communication Manager, Luciana Petroiu – Attendee Manager, Sebastian Plamadeala – Technical & Stage Director, Alexandra Nica – Content Manager