Storience launches Zâmburi, an unique cultural product in Romania

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Storience – the agency founded by Stefan and Adriana Liute – launched, on Friday, Zamburi , an innovative entrepreneurial project targeting Romanian market. 

Zâmburi is an umbrella brand that will reunite, for the start, a series of 40 short stories presented as illustrated cards, distributed in Carturesti book-stores network.
Source: Zamburi’s Facebook Page

Zâmburi is a collection of short illustrated stories available piece by piece and all together, along with an accordion-shaped case. It is a multi-functional product, with stories available individual and as a pack, proper to use for gifts or as decor objects due to the support specially crafted for the collection.

“Zamburi” name means “smile cores” and describes the 2 main characteristics of the product: makes you smile and relaxes you in short time. The greeting cards are just the 1st type of support the short stories will be available, as Zamburi is an umbrella brand that would reunite similar content that will be distributed, in the future, in other formats also.
Source: Zamburi’s Facebook page

Zamburi are stories available by piece, that successfully replace a greeting card, a thank you or a good night, but they also have a decorative role. The project was born from a real and very personal need – to relax and get into a good mood very fast – because nobody has enough time todat. Zamburi represents a way of thinking, more than anything, and not a book title with ISBN. If everything will go well, we want to expand this type of content also on other supports

Stefan Liute,

Stories author and Strategy Director  Storience.

Zamburi mini-stories were illustrated by Dan Dula, written by Stefan Liute and edited by Adriana Liute. Zamburi is the second entrepreneurial project launched by Adriana and Stefan Liute, after Storience – branding agency launched in July 2012 .
Source: Zamburi’s Facebook Page