Draftfcb Bucharest signs the promo campaign for a new original HBO production, “Stay with me”


Starting December, HBO and Draftfcb invite the Romanian public in front of their TVs, to watch a new and original production HBO Europe made in Romania.

The campaign to promote the new HBO production speaks about love with an universal metaphor, butterflies. Already running, the campaign included 2 weeks of teasing during which multi-color butterflies assaulted Romanian towns.

The idea of the campaign started from “butterflies in the stomach”, with each typology of love receiving its’ own type of butterfly: Adonis Imperador, Tridentis Conjugales or Romanticus Incurabilis  

The campaign includes non-conventional elements, such as transparent cubes with butterflies inside, stickers in subway stations, butterflies on mail boxes, outdoor, print and online banners. The full duration of the campaign is November 11th – December 15th.

“Stay with me” project was made by passionate and involved people and this can be seen both on screen and in the promo campaign for the series. We were very happy to have close to us Draftfcb team and the concept they proposed relayed the emotions in the show (…).

Irina Catanchin,

PR & Marketing Manager HBO Romania.

The teams working on the communication campaign include:

  • HBO: Irina Catanchin (PR & Marketing Manager), Ofelia Nastase (PR Coordinator), Magda Lisca (Marketing Coordinator)
  • Draftfcb: Claudiu Dobrita (Creative Director), Bogdan Ionita (Head of Strategy), Sorina Pirlea (BTL&PR Director), Ana-Maria Pascaru (PR Director), Ciprian Banica (Group Creative Director), Emanuel Borcescu (Head of Art), Luisa Leizeriuc (Copywriter), Loredana Barlă (Copywriter), Romulus Olteanu (Art Director), Alex Hariga (Head of Digital), Andrei Mihailescu (Copywriter), Silvia Mihailescu (Ilustrator), Valentin Milcoveanu (DTP), Laura Blebea (Account Manager).
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