Publicis Events organized for the 12th year in a row the TVMania Awards Gala


TVMania Awards Gala was organized this year also, for the 12th year in a row, by Publicis Events, represented by Radu Baitan – Events Manager and General Producer of the event.

This year’s gala took place on December 3rd and was doubled by the celebration of magazine’s 15 years anniversary. It was attended by 350 guests and included a special show performed by Marius Florea Vizante and Irina Teodorescu, direced by Gelu Colceag, and with a script signed by Dan Teodorescu.

At each edition, we aim to put the bar a bit higher than for the previous one, to be out of the box, to offer something special. After the end of each Gala, we started to work on the concept for the next year. It isn’t hard because we have a professional and devoted team; it’s enough to name  Gelu Colceag and Dan Teodorescu. We are together for almost 10 years in this wonderful project

Radu Baitan.

Another traditional partner of TVmania is Bogdan Olarescu’s studio, Animotion Production, that takes care, even from the first edition, the video content for the event (generics, music, graphical concept).