Payback time: Romanian satirical publication, pranked by one of its targets

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Romanian satirical publication Times New Roman had its payback. The publication reflects, with humor and irony, events and facts that happen in Romania, presenting to its readers fun “made-up” news, inspired by real events but twisted to make the people laugh.

The authors from Time New Roman dedicated this year over 30 satirical articles to Mega Image, retail network that had a fulminant expansion in Romania in 2013. The multitude of stores that appeared over night determined TNR’s redaction to come up with materials over materials, announcing  new Mega Image stores opening in most random and unexpected places.

Screen Shot - Mega Image @ Times New Roman 1

Mega Image and its agency, McCann Bucharest, decided to reply to the attention they receive from Times New Roman over the year and, having accomplice one of publication’s partners, they opened a Mega Image right inside TNR’s redaction.

We’re laughing every day when we read TNR’s news about Mega Image. They noticed very well that new stores are being opened everywhere.  And, to make sure they don’t forget this, we decided to open one right in their redaction. It was a joke this time, but it might be for real next time

Catalin Dobre,

Executive Creative Director McCann Bucharest

Screen Shot Mega Image @ Times New Roman 3

For us, humor is a lifestyle. I couldn’t refuse being involved in such a fun prank towards my colleagues

Alex Dona,

Managing  Partner Times New Roman.

Screet Shot - Mega Image @ Times New Roman 2

Here’s how all happened:

Responsible for the prank were

  • McCann Bucharest: Catalin Dobre – Executive Creative Director, Mihai Gheorghe – Art Director, Daniel Dobrin – Copywritter, Gabriela Alexandrescu – Group Account Director, Mihaela Vasilescu – Account Manager, Andreea Balta – Account Executive, Carmen Bistrian – Corporate Communication Manager, Alexandru Platon – AV Producer, Nea Stelica – electrician
  • Colorbitor Production handled the image
  • Visual Effects Studio was in charge with audio-video