32,000 impressions in one day, generated from mobile on digital screens in Bucharest

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Over 32,000 media impressions were generated in 24 hours after launching the app The Pole, the 1st solution for advertising from mobile to digital outdoor  (DOH). With an average of around 50 impressions for each uploaded ad, The Pole and Phoenix Media put their signature, this way, on a first at Romanian and international advertising level.

The 24 hours of free testing generated a large range of ads, posters or even personal messages on the digital screens present downtown Bucharest.

We were very happy mainly because the ones this app targets reacted, namely small and medium businesses, services providers, those who don’t have considerable budgets to invest in media promotions. We received posters to promote fitness gyms or auto workshops, web and mobile apps, personal blogs or e-commerces. Week-end events and Black Friday were other subjects that generated a big number of posters and impressions

Bogdan Savonea,

Co-Founder The Pole Society.

Digital outdoor is the mass communication channel that has the highest rate of growth in the outdoor industry at international level. It allows interactivity and special projects such The Pole is, costs are shrinking and campaigns become more efficient. Most users that had their ads up via The Pole Society app used digital outdoor for the first time to promote services and products or to send a message to someone dear and they could test its benefits (…)

Dio Boaca,

General Manager Phoenix Media.

The platform presented by The Pole is made in partnership with mobilPay MasterCard Mobile, the 1st solution for payments with the mobile phone in Romania, developed by Netopia mobilPay, and with Phoenix Media, the 1st company specialized in digital outdoor.

The app covers 40 screens in Bucharest and will be available, starting 2014, also in international destinations, like New York or Dubai.