Romanian advertising’s first year, in a book signed by journalist Petre Barbu

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On December 11th, Romanian journalist and writer Petre Barbu will launch his book that tells, in interviews, the story of the first advertising year in Romania. The book is published together with Tandem Media publishing house and the launch event will take place at IAA Romania’s headquarters.

“The first year of advertising” includes 13 interviews with the first Romanian entrepreneurs that founded advertising agencies in the ’90s. It  is a book about the beginnings of an unknown industry in Romania, about the people that had the courage and energy to start from zero in a sector they weren’t familiar with.

The “adventures”, emotions, fears from back than are told in the interviews Petre Barbu made during the last year and reflect not only the start point of Romanian advertising, but also a ’90s Romania with people full of hope and trust.

Petre Barbu - Primul An de Publicitate C1

The book launch will take place in the presence of the author, but also of the 13 ad people that he interviewed for the book: Radu Florescu (Saatchi&Saatchi), Cristian Burci (Graffiti), Bogdan Enoiu (Clip), Adrian Draghici (RomKU), Veronica Savanciuc (Plus Advertising), Mihail Vartosu (Grey), Dragoș Grigoriu (Tempo), Mihaela Rus (Vitrina Advertising), Alexandru Doru Spataru (Graffiti Bulgaria), Gabriel Faflei (Monopoly Media), Ioana and Stefan Iordache (Target Advertising) and Teddy Dumitrescu (Focus Advertising).

Petre Barbu is one of the most renown and respected Romanian journalist that writes on media and advertising. He wrote his first articles about this domain starting 1993 and, for almost 20 years, he keeps reflecting the Romanian media & advertising industry.