Can shopper marketing be exciting?

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“This is a new era and a new balance, so it demands a new formula. Shopper marketing is a significant growth area and the next biggest battleground for retailers.” This quote from Sir Martin Sorrell, inspired Simon Hathaway, President & Global Chief Retail Officer and Daniele Fiandaca, Head of Innovation at Cheil, to propose the “No such thing as Shopper State of Mind” presentation at Eurobest 2013.

According to their data, in South Korea (2011), 11.9% of people were shopping with their smartphone. It was just the inception since in 2013 the numbers climbed at 62%. Also in 2013, 42% of koreans were shopping online while watching TV.

Simon and Daniele stated three principles which retailers ought to respect, if they want to enter in the new shopping era. The three principles are: Everywhere, Instant and Personal, meaning that consumers should have the possibility to shop no matter where they are, to shop in real-time and to have the opportunity of living a personal shopping experience.

The two speakers also mentioned that if you’re a retailer, you should: be aware that “people are always on”, which means 24/24h buying potential, realise that retail is a brand building channel, constantly make the exercise of “walking into the audience’s shoes” and consider the advantages of thinking small because small ideas can be tested much easier.

Here are some retailers that already applied those principles:

Material written by Lucian Talpes