Heidi, Santal and Zewa lead in a top of FMCG brands made by GfK Romania

Consumption Habits, Marketing, Studies

Heidi (chocolate products) ranks 1st in a top of FMCG brands that gather most trust from Romanians, according to GfK National Brands & Private Labels Drivers. Second place goes to Santal (soft drinks) and third to Zewa (hygiene products), followed by Granini (soft drinks) and Bel Vita (snacks and biscuits).

GfK National Brands & Private Labels Drivers analyzed 5 criteria taken in consideration by Romanians when buying FMCG brands: brand notoriety, capacity to make the consumer feel better, trust in the quality and tradition of the brand and the good quality – price report.

In the top related to trust in brand’s quality, Heidi is strongly differentiating, especially when it comes of attributes such as the full trust consumers have in this brand and the fact that it satisfies very high expectations. Next 2 brands in top are differentiating with excellent quality and bigger trust consumers have in them compared to other brands.

The second important component in building trust is the essence of the brand, understood as being a brand with tradition, that consumers know for years. Here, Coca-Cola and Pepsi lead the top, followed by Kinder, Joe and Jacobs.

Private labels are present on the market for a shorter period of time, and that is the reason why they aren’t yet differentiating in terms of tradition or brand notoriety. They are present in top for the characteristics related to good quality-price report. The 2 private brands in this top are Pilos and Promienna.

GfK National Brands & Private Labels Drivers study was made online, in October, in a panel of 1,000 respondents, and covered 100 FMCG product brands.