Publicis and Pegas inaugurated People’s Internet

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Romanian Publicis and Pegas, brand of bicycles, inaugurated, in a campaign started on Romania’s National Day, People’s Internet, that offer Romanians the chance to remember the Golden Era (as the Romanian communism regime was qualifying its reign) and to smile.

People’s Internet presents the memories of a past era in a humorous manner, from Pegas’ perspective. The website is the main element of Pegas’ newest campaign, that aims to bring into the spotlight the contrast between the lack of options in the communist past and the multitude of today’s options.

Pegas -, web capture 1

We aimed, for December 1st, to not just wave a flag under a was an exercise of imagination – how would the only website looked alike if the internet was invented in communist Romania – and wants to be an almanac from the ’80s, but digital. Like Pegas content for the people, but where we can integrate any promotion, event or other future intents from Pegas

Dan Frinculescu

Group Creative Director, Publicis Romania

A big achievement for the team was that Nea Ion Barladeanu – people’s artist and master of collages – joined the campaign. The campaign was rounded up with a series of collages made by Ion B especially for Pegas’ communication. They were also the main material used for the video ads that underline the multitude of options offered by Pegas

The animations reproduce the style of absurd communist jokes and are made exclusively with collages that remind of that period. We remembered Nea Ion Barladeanu, that does exactly that: pop art collages from communist newspapers and magazines (and not only), we explained to him what we wanted and he started working

Ada Iftodi

Account Executive Publicis Romania

Pegas -, web capture 2

Usually, when you mess around with the Golden Era, there are massive chances to screw things up. See Romanian movies, that stubbornly stayed there for a long period of time, with few exceptions. Fortunately, we manage until now with “So it’s possible”

Dan Frinculescu

Publicis & Pegas teams for Razvan Capanescu – Creative Director, Dan Frinculescu – Group Creative Director, Catalin Paduretu and Ciprian Frunzeanu – Art Directors, Filip Letinu – Drawings, Dan Frinculescu – Senior Copy, Mihai Costache – Copy, Calin Buzea – Digital Division Director, Constantin Bunica & Tiberiu Bucovei – programmers,  Ada Iftodi, Alexandra Murray – Client Service, Andrei Botescu – Pegas 

Publicis & Pegas teams for animations: Razvan Capanescu – Chief Creative Officer, Dan Frinculescu, Mihnea Gheorghiu – Group Creative Directors, Paul Goti – Art Director, Dragos Ometita – Video and production, Mihai Costache – Copy,  Ada Iftodi, Alexandra Murray – Client Service, Andrei Botescu for Pegas.