GfK and Twitter partnered to introduce GfK Twitter TV Ratings in Germany, Austria and Netherlands

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GfK and Twitter partnered to introduce GfK Twitter TV Ratings in Germany, Austria and Netherlands, with the new service to provide insights into the frequency and reach of messages from Twitter users associated with television programs and campaigns. This tool will provide essential information to media groups and agencies in order to gain insight into the growing popularity of live social media commentary.    

Via GfK Twitter TV Ratings, GfK will be able to provide data on the frequency and reach of messages concerning specific TV programs. The new service will start rolling out later this year in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands and will enable TV stations to show the additional audience they reach via social media. In addition, media agencies and advertisers will have richer analytics to plan and evaluate cross-media campaigns.

We are delighted with this partnership with Twitter. We are only at the beginning of the digital transformation of media and Twitter has proven itself to be the ‘Social Soundtrack’ of live events and television. We find the interaction between different media particularly interesting and are working on providing insights into cross-media effects, alongside our innovative new partner Twitter.

Matthias Hartmann,



Twitter has become a live companion to the TV viewing experience for millions in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. People love using Twitter while tuned into television and to participate in the live conversation about TV. We are thrilled that GfK will be bringing its audience measurement experience to social media, to enable TV stations to measure the total audience they reach

Ali Rowghani,

COO Twitter

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