Analysis: Volksbank, Romanian Commercial Bank and Bancpost – the banks with highest advertising volumes in 2013

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Volksbank, Romanian Commercial Bank and Bancpost are the banking institution with the highest volumes invested in advertising in 2013, according to an analysis made by MediaTrust.

During 2013, Volksbank ranked 1st in the top of the banks that invested the most in advertising. Present on Romanian market since 2000, Volksbank had 13,241 commercials last year, with their rate card estimated value reaching to Euro 29,67M.

Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) ranks second in the top, with 11.922 ads valued at Euro 21.77M, while Bancpost occupies the 3rd position, with 8,877 ads with rate card value of Euro 18,64M.

Banca Transilvania is next in the classament, with 5,151 commercials with rate card value of Euro 7,29M, followed by Raiffeisen Bank (4,716 ads valued at Euro 8,47M).  The top also includes Piraeus Bank (4,007 ads worth Euro 9,07M), ING Bank (3,779 ads and Euro 5,22M), BRD Groupe Societe Generale (3,741 ads worth Euro 6,41M), Alpha Bank (2,702 ads with rate card value of Euro 2,93M), OTP Bank (2,061 ads worth Euro 3,35M).

TV is the media channel preferred by the banking institutions present in Romania. From the total of 66,286 ads they had, 49,559 were on TV, 15,597 on the radio and 1,130 appeared in printed press.

Among the media channels that had the most commercials broadcasted or ads printed were Romania TV (6,269 ads), Europa FM (4,502 radio commercials) and Ziarul Financiar (144 printed ads).

The report considered the monitoring of almost 3.5M commercials that ran between January 1st – December 31st 2013, on 20 TV stations, 12 radios and in 200 central publications. From the commercials,  66.286 were in banking category.