HumanGraph Experience – Major 2014 trends

Consumption Habits

Starcom Romania continues the HumanGraphExperience infographics series, with the 1st edition of 2014 identifying the local and global trends that will impact this year Romanian market  

Local trends

When it comes of family, the natality descending trend will maintain, as the number of couples planning to have a kid in 2014 is half compared to 2013. Still, there will be more marriages than divorces.

Three times more Romanians will change their residence city in 2014, most probably continuing the visible migration from urban to rural, as a consequence of the expansion of metropolitan areas in the villages around towns and of the higher costs for living in towns versus rural areas.

When it comes of schools and education, the pre-school education will have less children, while the universitary education will have an increased number of students.

Also, more people will start to work compared to those that will retire. The domain with the highest increase in numbers of employees is believed to be IT.

On the financial side, the percentage of those that aren’t willing to get a credit to a bank increases year after year.

Global trends applied locally

Mobile devices become tools to amplify the surrounding reality, once with the increase of smartphones penetration and consumption habits diversification.

Celebrating and supporting national culture elements started getting more important also in Romania

Macro media trends

Complementary media consumption on multiple screens gets accentuated once with online penetration’s increase: those who reduced TV consumption are compensating with increased frequency online consumption. The trend is soon to be applied to people in rural areas also, as the internet increased its coverage here also

Social media transforms into a mass media channel: 73% Romanian internet users already have a Facebook account and all social media channels were on an ascending trend during the last two years. 

TV communication moves from the simple presentation of ads on TV to exposing brands in show’s content: TV sponsorships increased 20% in 2013 compared to 2012

The trends identified in 2014 are useful in shaping the communication campaigns, as they can influence different targets’ consumption habits (…)

Rodica Mihalache,

Head of Consumer & Business Insights Starcom.

Starcom MediaVest Group a lansat în februarie seria HumanGraphExperience cu intenția de a oferi informații constante și relevante despre dinamica relației dintre consumatori și branduri și impactul pe care evoluția acesteia o are asupra comportamentului brandurilor pe piață. Compania Starcom a valorizat întotdeauna insightul puternic de consumator, de aceea monitorizează în mod constant comportamentul emergent al diferitelor grupuri de consumatori pentru a putea planifica comunicarea brandului în cel mai important spațiu – mintea consumatorului.
Seria de infografice este o inițiativă pe termen lung și reprezintă o parte din rezultatele de analiză ale departamentului de Consumer Understanding din cadrul agenției.