Study: Romanians spend only 100 mins/month on cultural activities

Consumption Habits, Studies

Romanians spend only 90 minutes per month for theater, cinema and art galleries and spend only 13 minutes per day reading, according to Mediafax, that quotes a study made by Romanian National Statistics Institute (INS)

If it is to calculate the time spent on different activities per day, Romanians care more about visits, anniversaries and birthdays and conversations, face to face or on the phone, with the family and friends, with those activities occupying 39 minutes of their day, while culture and cultural entertainment barely gets 3 minutes of attention.

Radio seems to be as bad as culture when it comes of the daily attention it receives from Romanians, while religious related activities and politics are subjects that Romanians are focused on for 15 minutes every day.

When it comes of sports, 12 minutes per day is women’s average time spent on this activity, while men are allocating 20 minutes.