Rusu+Bortun and Local Colonial orchestrated a campaign to send parents in town for Valentine’s Day


On Valentine’s Day, Local Colonial challenged young people to offer their parents a present with benefits for both parties, in a campaign signed by Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers. Adolescents were able to offer their parents a Valentine’s Day dinner at the new Local Colonial and also enjoy themselves a romantic evening at home. 

While most of VDay’s campaigns only target couples, Local Colonial’s campaign aimed to consolidate, in the same time, the relations between the members of a family. The creative concept was inspired from the desire to bring closer, in a different manner, the 2 generations that live under the same roof, often lacking privacy

As a result of the campaign, restaurant’s Facebook page had, last week, the highest popularity level since its launch, in December 2013, while Local Colonial was completely booked for Valentine’s Day.

Local Colonial

Local Colonial is a special project for us, as we were client and agency in the same time. After more collaborations on identity and communication, we won investor’s trust and we built from zero a new experience for people living in Bucharest. Local Colonial believes Romanians must travel, conquer the world and come back home to share the culinary and musical experiences with their peers. Even if it is a local targeting mature public, we aimed, on Valentine’s Day, to  change a little the communication rhythm between parents and their adolescent children

Catalin Rusu,

Creative Director & Managing Partner Rusu+Bortun.

The campaign included Social media, print and PR.

Local Colonial has the business concept and identity, digital and social media activities signed by Rusu + Bortun Brand Growers and Rusu+Bortun Cyber Growers, while the interior design signed by Cristian Corvin. The PR was handled by People Public Relationships Agency

The teams working on Valentine’s Day campaign included:

  • Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers: Mihaela Neatu & Mircea Craciun – Senior Creatives, Luiza Olaru – Production Manager, Anca Uscatescu – Senior Graphic Designer & DTP and Catalin Rusu – Creative Director & Managing Partner.
  • Rusu+Bortun Cyber Growers: Cristina Volentiru – Digital Project Manager, Adrian Radu – Senior Developer şi Gabriel Kirmaier – Designer.
  • Local Colonial: Bogdan Lucov – Fondator, Catalin Rusu – Consultant, Francisca Cotruta – Manager, Gabriela Enescu – Director Executiv, Manuela Paraschivescu – Chef.
  • People Public Relationships Agency: Tudor Daescu – Managing Partner, Maria Constantin –  PR Executive.