GolinHarris and Romanian blogger Alex Ciuca, on Romanian social media in 2013 and predictions for 2014

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The digital expertise hub from GolinHarris, The Bridge, and Romanian blogger Alex Ciuca (www.hoinaru.ro) launched, for the 2nd year in the row, Media Recap, a report that includes the most relevant campaigns, events and case studies from Romanian social media in 2013 and a series of analysis and predictions for 2014

Alex Ciuca, Raluca Duta
Alex Ciuca, Raluca Duta

There are 10 years this year since the apparition of Facebook, the social media network that changed significantly the way the communication industry is functioning. The presence in social media became an integrated part of the successful communication strategies, a must for brands that want to be visible for consumers and that aim to enter in a constant dialogue with them. 2014 wil be interesting from the social media perspective, a year during which important social media networks’ announced and implemented modifications will determine a rethinking of the presence and a re-positioning for brands in this medium. It will be a year where more and more focus will be on creativity in offering experiences adapted to social networks where consumers are present

Raluca Duta,

Community Manager GolinHarris Bucharest

Media Recap is based on a series of articles published on weekly basis on www.hoinaru.ro, under the general title “Sunday’s Media Recap”. The section was launched from the need to identify the essential info in media, both locally and internationally, and mentions the most relevant events and info from the communication industry.

Last year, I edited for the first time Media Recap together with GolinHarris team and I hope this partnership will become a tradition, because it is meant to bring a happy completion of the media history by identifying social media trends for the current year

Alex Ciuca.

The importance of brand communication via social media was recognized by GolinHarris with the creation of The Bridge, the only digital and social media hub integrated in a PR agency.