Foodpanda launched an indoor advertising campaign in Bucharest’s Subway

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 foodpanda, food ordering platform supported by Rocket Internet, the biggest online business incubator in the world, launched an extensive indoor advertising campaign in Bucharest’s subway, aiming to make general public acknowledge that no meal is optional. With this campaign, Bucharest’s inhabitants that own smartphones or tablets will be able to order their favorite food in an easy and simple manner, through foodpanda app, available for free in AppStore and Google Play.

 The campaign takes place between February 17th and March 31st and consist in full branding of the entrance on Unirii 2 subway line and billboards placed in 4 main tube stations (Unirii 2, Universitate, Victoriei 1, Victoriei 2 and Aviatorilor). The total investment for the indoor advertising campaign is of Euro 30,000.

The campaign targets Bucharest’s inhabitants that own mobile devices, smartphones or tablets with iOs or Android OS, that can download for free the app and order fast and easy their favorite meals. All foodpanda panels from tube stations are including an universal QR, that allows people to download on the stop the app.

Dan Macarie

Campaign’s message is a simple one, we are launching a call to action to all Bucharest smartphones users, which are too busy or to focused on work tasks and which are skipping often the meals of the day. Any meal is important and foodpanda’s app is the easiest and handiest manner through which they can order their favorite menu or type of food. They only have to download it for free from  Appstore or Google Play and they have immediate access to a diversity of menus offered by over 150 restaurants in Bucharest, all in one single app

Dan Macarie,

Country Manager foodpanda Romania.

During the campaign, foodpanda’s representatives estimate  an increase of up to 50% in the number of orders made via app. works, in present, with over 200 restaurants in Bucharest and Cluj Napoca and is market leader when it comes online food ordering platforms in Romania 

Founded in 2012, foodpanda, together with the affiliated brand hellofood, is leader on online food ordering platforms’ segment and it is active on 37 markets. foodpanda/hellofood operates in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Kazahstan, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Brazil, Mexic, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.