Romanian advertising actors, invited to chat, in a Funvertising project


Professionals from different Romanian agencies will talk about the sector they work in in a series that will be available online, on Funvertising agency’s YouTube channel.

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The series, entitled Taclale Publicitare (Ad chats), aims to bring together people working from different Romanian ad agencies and to bring together stories unheard before, opinions and experiences from the industry

Brainstorming is a productive technique and, from my experience, very relaxing and fun. It is impossible not to have some spectacular synapses resulting from more brains brought together. Taclale publicitare is a series made on the same principle: super-talented people from different agencies are brought together to chat about their first salary from the first agency thyey worked for, about how advertising helps you to hook up or about how one would explain an alien what advertising mean. It is impossible not to have surprising answers, fun, troubles and stories that you believe just one faced but that actually everybody experienced and are characteristic to the industry. It’s impossible not to be fun!

Alex Zamfir


The series is in Romanian and the 1st episode will be available on March 4th.    

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