Grimberg Romania – combining art and business for the pleasure of art collectors

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Art and all it has to do with it is a domain where people can still access, almost instantly, the “feeling good” part of their lives, especially if they have a keen eye for beautiful things

Grimberg is one of the main players on Romanian art auctions market and, through its activities, it reaches to the public with a double purpose: offering exquisite pieces to art collectors and educating the public.

As any niche business, Grimberg is using the direct approach to reach to its clients, and they are in the center of company’s efforts to bring to them new and interesting pieces of art. Among the methods used to promote the company are events, along with direct marketing tools like newsletters and direct mail and also lobby via company’s representatives, punctual media relations campaign, online activities and direct communication in the locations where the events take place.


Because the visual side of art is most of the times the most impactful one, Grimberg makes out of its auctions catalog the main communication and promotion instrument for the art lots it auctions. The catalog includes all the details needed for each of the art pieces to be auctioned: execution technique, dimensions, specific information about the artist and the work, price and so on.

The works Grimberg is auctioning are premium luxury pieces and, in this context, the ambient for the events is extremely important, as the public is very sensitive to it.

Stefan Grimberg

 The art auctions are a show and this trend seems to accentuate during the last couple years, so we are trying to adapt to this demand, offering to the clients events during which they benefit of top Bucharest locations renown for the events quality they offer .

Stefan Grimberg

The  location isn’t the only thing that must be premium in an art auction. The works must be strictly selected so they would combine in a coherent lot, the attached documentation must be flawless and same goes with auction’s catalog, preparing the exhibition and the location where the event will take place than starting the promotion campaign by activating all available channels (classical mass-media, online, direct marketing, newsletters) and organizing guided tours within the dedicated exhibitions organized for each auction.

Who buys art in Romania?

The art buyers can be grouped in 2 main categories. Passionate collectors, educated people that generally know what they buy, are the ones that are selecting with exigence, seek and get from the market art works that would match the profile of the collection they own, according to the personal taste. The other category is represented by art investors, that look at buys from art market from an investment point of view. Of course, there are also occasional buyers, but this category doesn’t have a very well defined profile

Stefan Grimberg


Grimberg’s differentiation on art auctions market in Romania is given by the experience and reputation of its founder. Stefan Grimberg is recognized by collectors and artists alike for his expertise, for his exigent standards in selecting art works proposed for auctions, for his correctitude and professionalism. Moreover, Grimberg guarantees the authenticity and the market value of the art works it proposes to the clients, as it strives for maintaining a high level when it comes of the artistical value of the art lots it offers during the auctions and works towards educating a new generation of collectors and art lovers

When it comes of promoting the art for sale and the value for each work auctioned, the prices presented at auction reflect the value on the market at the time the event takes place and do not necessarily include the promotional costs around the auction, as the auction market has another rhytm in covering costs than other businesses

 The biggest challenges when promoting art for sale?

 The degree of public’s education, the state of economy that affects or stimulates investments in arts. It must be said that, unfortunately, we don’t have a significant category of educated collectors, with an already defined taste, that know what to buy and are exigent but, in the same time, appreciate the art work to its real value