Pepsi made the 1st Shazam campaign for TV on Romanian market

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Pepsi launches the 1st Shazam campaign TV for Romania, offering interaction with the ads “Now I’m on +” on smartphones and tablets. Pepsi fans can access exclusively “You’re on plus” song, created by DeMoga Music team especially for Pepsi.

Pepsi pe plus - 1.75 L

Today’s young people don’t stay just in front of TV, but use in the same time their mobiles and tablets. To interact with them an involve them in our campaign, we created content exclusively for Shazam, together with DeMoga Music (…) Pepsi’s association with music is already a tradition and, as music is Shazam’s DNA, making the first campaign for TV in Romania together with Shazam is a normal step for Pepsi. Using Shazam in all the 4 “Now I’m on +” ads, we offer to the young people the option to download and listen on the phone the complete version of the song composed by DeMoga Music

Adriana Nestoriuc,

Associate Marketing Manager CSD & Juices Romania.

I am glad Pepsi chose DeMoga Music to create ads soundtracks in this campaign and I am happy we have such a talented, united and enthusiastic team to transform so easily the creative work in a childs’ game

Marius Moga.

The communication campaign made for Pepsi includes 4 TV ads centered on “Pepsi gang”. Each ad includes Shazam’s icon inviting fans to download the app and scan the add to listen the complete song.

Pepsi pe plus - 2.75 Lb

The ads were directed by Iulian Moga and produced by Roco Media. The soundtrack was created and interpreted by DeMoga Music artists.

The TV communication campaign was implemented with support from OMD Romania and Mediacafe – Shazam exclusive representative in Romania.

Shazam is an app with over 420M users at global level and that attracts 10M new users every month. In Romania, over 1.7M people are using Shazam, with 50,000 Romanians downloading the app every month.