UPDATED: Coca-Cola started the campaign “Be crazy good”

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(adds short video on how the app works)

Because there everywhere people that do good without asking anything in exchange and in order to inspire kindness acts, Coca-Cola started the global movement “Be crazy good”.

The initiative shows how simple it is to be one of those that transform world into a happier place. As part of this movement, Coca-Cola Romania created Radar for Good – the 1st volunteering mobile platform that works as a good deeds radar and that is accesible from smartphones.

Radar for Good

Through an interactive map, one can see the cases in his proximity and can get involved in solving them, but also one can ask from help from the other users. 

Radar for Good__

Simple acts, beautiful ideas and kindness acts are those that are conquering the world and inspire a change. Small gestures make us big.”Be crazy good” is a campaign that matches Coca-Cola’s spirit. What if, from today on, we’re starting to spread the happiness? Let’s all be crazy good

Nicoleta Eftimiu,

Sparkling Soft Drinks Senior Marketing Activation Manager – Coca-Cola Romania & Moldova.

In Romania, Alex Bobes is one of those that show how simple is to make the people around smile. He is a “crazy good” man aged 23 that decided to change something and offer car rides to people that need help.

(in Romanian)

The initiative is supported also by a Romanian cab company, Cristaxi, that also offers free rides for its clients.

Coca-Cola spreads the stories of ordinary people that, with their extraordinary deeds, transform the world into a better place. From a woman in South Africa that plants trees in secret, during the night time, to a bicycle rider that salutes everyone he meets, Coca-cola shows how simple is to be crazy good


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