WoPA signs Ecollect online identity for Eco-Rom Ambalaje


WoPA signs the creative side and the online platform for Ecollect program, launched by Eco-Rom Ambalaje and Antalis Romania.

Ecollect is the 1st service that collects separately, from offices, cardboard and paper and metal and plastic. The program was conceived in order to protect environment by increasing the quantity of recycled waste and encourage a responsible behavior on waste management inside organizations.

Ecollect was initiated by Eco-Rom Ambalaje, targets all companies and organizations in Romania and offers them for free the entire infrastructure needed, from containers and bags until collecting them.

When Eco-Rom Ambalaje’s team launched the idea of developing an unique project on Romanian market and invited us to make program’s identity and online platform, we agreed without any hesitation. There are enough the reasons why we accepted this collaboration and 3 of them are always on top of my mind: uniqueness of the project, through innovation and pioneering, client’s team, that we know as dedicated and involved and the cause itself, separate waste recycling, in which we got to strongly believe in the almost 3 years since we are working together to change behaviors and generate results

Ionut Datcu,

Strategy Director & Managing Partner WoPA. 

Teams involved in developing the Ecollect project: 

  • WoPA: Ionuț Datcu – Strategy Director & Managing Partner, Luca Bulacu – Creative Director, Mihai Gheorghiu – Senior Art Director, Tania Oprea – Junior Copywriter, Magda Schnell – Senior Account Manager
  • Eco-Rom Ambalaje: Marius Brinzea – Marketing Director, Monica Simion – Senior Marketing & B2B Communications Specialist