Avon and Marie Claire Romania flew together, in an unique photo session

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Avon and Marie Claire Romania flew together and, in April’s edition of the magazine, the readers can see the result, an unique pictorial recreating the flying sensation, signed by Romanian photographer Alex Galmeanu.


The pictorial was inspired by the recent launch of Avon’s AeroVolume mascara, that includes Zero Gravity technology.

The 4 Romanian celebrities experiencing the fly sensation were Antonia, singer and Avon ambassador, actress Crina Semciuc, Pro TV star Andreea Ibacka and Janina Nectara, creator of Fashion avec Passion blog.


For this photo shooting, our purpose was to promote in a different manner a cosmetic product that allows so much from a creative point of view as Aero Volume with Zero Gravity mascara is. Alex Galmeanu, Marie Claire team and the 4 celebrities were the perfect partners for our daring project. Together with them, we managed to implement a concept that, initially, seemed to be just a dream

Bogdan Berdacovici,

PR & Advertising Manager Avon Romania & Moldova.


I am honored to be part of this project, it was a creative opportunity rarely seen on Romanian advertising market and actuall realizing it was a challenge from technical point of view. I shot thousands of photos, I put together the final images from elements realized in 2 different locations and each character was composed from more details photographed individually. The work lasted almost 3 weeks and involved a sizable team and important resources and I hope the result will be appreciated

Alex Galmeanu.

The photo shooting lasted 2 days but needed more weeks to prepare it and 8 days for post-production. The entire concept is based on techniques and equipment of industrial climbing and involved also a professional climer. The background images are made at Iconic Food, Wine & Design By Camelia Sucu, and those with characters – in studio.


The teams involved in the project

  • Avon Romania: Raluca Kisescu, Bogdan Berdacovici and Amalia Precup
  • The Practice: Monica Jitariuc, Anca Apolozan and Andreea Pandelea

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