Unlock – 6 years of market research in Romania

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Unlock celebrates 6 years since founding and marks up the moment with the relaunch of Moderation School project, in a new format, more complex and more anchored in market’s reality.

Moderation School is an integrated program that develops the abilities of future and actual professionals in Romanian marketing research. It is structured on 2 modules, juniors and advanced, and attracts mainly students and graduates and seniors and specialists from connected domains that want to make a professional switch .

The consumer is changing, the rules of the market research are changing, marketing departments are transforming, the wa we are communicating to the consumer is also modifying. In this context, we consider it is very important to get back to the essence of marketing research and to re-evaluating the way we are interacting with today’s consumer

Adina Vlad,

Managing Partner Unlock.   

The novelty of the School is represented by the launch of a module for clients, those who are the beneficiaries of marketing research

By launching this program, we are bringing marketing research’s beneficiaries closer to study’s subject, namely the consumer, by  creating direct research experiences, from which we believe they have much to learn. Unlock and its partners’ initiative is to bring an infusion of know-how in research by on the job training, on project, directly at the client. We believe a lot that you learn efficiently from experience. We believe that the level of research market will increase considerably when client will undergo properly made programs of direct interaction with the consumer

Adina Vlad.

According to Vlad, the program aims to develop listening abilities, interpretation and communication skills.