GMP Advertising signs Romtelecom’s spring campaign

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Romanian GMP Advertising signs the spring campaign for Romtelecom, bringing action into the spot light.

As our clients are already used with, we chose to offer them, this spring also, a complete experience on all screens. This time, the packages with 3 Romtelecom services are coming together with a Samsung tablet and an action movie – Thor: The Dark Workd. The movie supports Romtelecom’s positioning as provider of quality content

Dana Bursuc,

Manager Communication Residential Segment Romtelecom.

“Strong action is catchy” is the message of the campaign, which is declined on TV – teaser and 2 TVCs, print, online and in-store. Smiley and Pavel Bartos are starring in the ads directed by Anton Groves.

Together with the creative team coordinated by Olivia Basag, we started from the idea that the quality action movies, as the one offered by Romtelecom is, are relaying that intensity beyond any screen, no matter if it is a TV or a tablet, and can change your day. In our dramatization, the action from Thor, offered in the same package with Romtelecom’s services, inspire the 2 friends to start their own unmatched adventures

Mihai Gongu,

Creative Director GMP Advertising.

The 2 ads of the campaign – “Skydivers” and “Skateboarders” – were filmed together with the production house Family Film. The campaign is running between March 10th and May 18th.

The teams that worked on the campaign included:

  • GMP Advertising: Mihai Gongu (Creative Director), Olivia Basag (Group Creative), Alina Zaharescu (Senior Art Director), Laur Raboj (Copywriter), Florin Padurean (Art Director), Andreea Dumitru (Account Director), Alexandra Mihalca (Account Manager), Irina Angelescu (Account Manager), George Toader (AV Producer), Ioana Stangacilovic (AV Producer), Bogdan Stanciu (Head of Design), Adrian Macea (Graphic Designer), Vali Nastase (Graphic Designer), Monica Bondoc (DTP), Daniel Chisescu (DTP) and Veronica Gogescu (Traffic Director).
  • Romtelecom: Dana Bursuc (Manager Communication Residential Segment), Gabriela Lulea (Senior communication specialist Marketing) and Ioana Corcodel (Supervisor Media).